Why Presidency?

Three ‘Winning Steps to Education’
That We Strongly Believe in

PSBN has well-planned modern facilities, new and improved learning methods and a faculty dedicated to impart relevant and quality education. We ensure that your child receives exceptional grooming, thus preparing him/her for life’s challenges.


What Makes Presidency a Formidable Brand in Education

For over four decades, the Presidency Group of Institutions has not only pioneered best practices in education, but also has adapted itself to the changing times through innovation, so that every student is able to perform to their potential.

Complete Preparedness

We Aim for a 360º Development in Your Child, Thus Preparing Him/her for Life

At PSBN, we aim to inculcate attributes like diligence, sincerity and accountability among our students, and encourage them to develop a passion for learning and thinking out of the box.

We teach our students to practice values like kindness, humility and generosity, helping them become responsible and caring citizens, as they grow up.

Safety and Security

At PSBN, our first priority is to ensure that your child is safe and secure at all times. In this regard, we have established a number of safety standards and procedures that we strictly adhere to.

Visual Campus

Surveillance and CCTV cameras are placed at strategic locations throughout the campus, to monitor every activity and to ensure that everything functions smoothly.

ID Cards

All students, teachers and staff are provided with identity cards which they have to display prominently at all times.

Security Plan

A well-planned and structured security system has been put in place, with a plan of action prepared for every possible contingency that may arise.

Fire & Emergency Evacuation

Every member of the school is trained to follow safety precautions. An evacuation drill is carried out on a regular basis to educate members of the steps to follow in case of fire or any other emergency.

Secured & Safe Campus

Round-the-clock security supervision is enforced in and around the campus to ensure 100% safety.

OSHA Certification

We are currently in the process of acquiring the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Certificate which will enable us to increase the safety standards for the children, teachers and the school. For more details, please feel free to talk to us or email us.

Drop-off & Pick-up

Students are picked up and dropped off at the exact location specified by them. In case of any deviation or changes in the route, the appropriate school authorities will coordinate to ensure that students reach their destinations safely.

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