Presidency Houses & Assembly

PSBN Houses & Assembly

A student’s performance in tests is a reflection of our own capability as a school. By assessing a student’s application to his/her work on a day-to-day basis, we periodically keep a check on how our methods are faring and necessitate improvements or changes immediately.

Other modes of assessments help us determine the capabilities of every child, so that we can personalize our teaching to better suit their needs. A student’s power of comprehension and assimilation is then assessed through appraisals, class tests, semester examinations and project work. A student’s progress in academic and other allied activities is also assessed and progress reports are sent to the parents periodically. Parents are requested to sign the report after going through it carefully.

Marks are awarded to the houses throughout the year for extracurricular activities through Inter-House competitions in sports, dramatics, debates, quiz, art and music. At the end of the year, the house bagging the highest score is awarded the championship trophy.

Learners are uniformly divided among these houses with the principal objective of inculcating in them a sense of collective responsibility, solidarity, camaraderie, aesthetic appreciation, novelty and leadership. Each is guided by a House Mistress and headed by Captains and Vice captains who steer their respective houses through the myriad activities of the school.

The Houses in the School – Tagore, Pele, Da Vinci and Curie – are named after four eminent personalities whose varied contributions to the world have put them on a high pedestal to be revered by all. These sparkling stars have etched their names in golden letters in the arenas of Literature, Sports, Arts and Science.

Scholastic and co scholastic competitions are conducted regularly under the House System and it is sheer joy to watch the zest with which participants vie to reach the zenith.


“Ore nabin, ore amaar kancha, ore shobujh, ore abhujh, aadh marader ga mere tui bancha”