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World Environment Day

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Environment day is observed every year to raise global awareness to take a positive environmental action to protect nature and our planet Earth. This is an initiative at PSBN which is conducted every year with our children. Children participated in surrounding our school with various types of plants. Children were excited to get their hands muddy and dig a hole large enough for their plant to fit. Few children had even sowed few seeds.

Children learnt a lot by digging in the dirt. The garden was a wonderful place where many questions arose from the children. How will the plant grow, what is needed for the plant to grow. Why do we have to dig so much, what do insects do in the garden, etc. Of course nothing happens overnight in a garden. We will continue to watch the garden grow periodically, and the children have asked the gardeners to water everyday and take care of the saplings. In the class children watched a video on the consequences of not keeping our planet clean. They were amazed to see what could happen if we do not take appropriate measures to sustain our Planet Earth. Whenever a parent visits the school do ask your child when he/she planted their sapling and over the few months visit the area to see the sapling or seed transform into a beautiful healthy plant.

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