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Class assemblies are an excellent resource for students to learn core values about life and provide an exciting venue for them to grow and develop into responsible adults. They also form a significant part of the school’s curriculum to promote value-based education. With schools having shut due to the pandemic, celebrations have shifted online, with all kinds of events – ranging from cultural performances to assemblies – being planned digitally. Students at PSBN participated in special assemblies and various theme-based assemblies virtually in the ‘new normal’ way with the same fervor and zeal in 2020 – 2021.

Giving your child an opportunity to share knowledge and display talent

Assemblies enrich the curriculum and make the educational process relevant and interesting. Apart from being used as a platform for value education, they also provide a perfect opportunity for students to eliminate stage fear and improve their presentation skills.

Assemblies for Grades I to IX are conducted on a schedule. Each class gets to perform one theme-based assembly. In these assemblies, students portray their message through skits, talk shows, musical concerts, amazing facts, quizzes, thoughts for the day etc. These thematic assemblies help young students grow physically, mentally and spiritually, sensitizing to the challenges of everyday life.

Meticulous planned thematic assemblies are generally chalked out at the beginning of the academic calendar.

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