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4th Annual Sports Day

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Presidency School Bangalore North showcased its 4th Annual Sports Day on the 30th of January, 2018. Ms Kalpana Mohan, Director PNC Cognitio School, Dr. Preetam Sr. Surgeon Victoria Hospital were the dignitaries who graced the dais on this momentous day. Colours- our Annual Sports Meet displayed a plethora of emotions nurtured by unbridled optimism through Yellow, Green the color of self-reliance , bound by trust as depicted by blue, the innocence driven imagination by the colour purple and the unconditional nurturing in the folds of pink embodied in Maroon- the colour of energy and action. With gray the color transition, turquoise portrayed clarity of mind , determined to reach its goal as signified by orange. This superfluity of energy was calmed down by beige as all colours merged into one i.e The color white
It was this colour which represented a successful beginning and a victorious end for the day filled with a superfluity of emotions.
The Chief Guest for the day Ms. Kalapana Mohan spoke of the need to encourage sports to its greatest heights and also highlighted the fact that India must no longer bask in the glory of a single medal or two at the Olympics. In the years to come India must make to the top of the Medals tally.
Dr. Preetam, the Guest of honour reinforced that there is a budding sports enthusiast in each one of us and we must make use of every opportunity available and make time for playing at least one sport in our life time.
A myriad of displays had over 1300 students participating and the results were there for all to see. Taekwondo, Yoga, dumbbell drill, pom poms, free hand drill , hoops drill , dances both classical and western wove the various hues of the theme- colours.
The track and field events had all at the edge of their seats as most of them ended with a photo- finish.
It being the martyr’s day, the entire audience, staff and students observed a minute’s silence to pay homage to the great Mahatma.
The Principal Dr. Pushpy Dutt handed out the awards to all the winners at the Parents Race as well as the Individual Championship and the Overall Championship awards.
The event came to a close with the solemn flag handover ceremony which was lowered with all honour and handed over to the PE Department to be safe guarded until the next Sports day.

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