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Noah Nirmal Tom (Tokyo 2020 Olympic Athlete) addressing students @Presidency School, Bangalore North

Presidency School, Bangalore North is delighted to share that Tokyo 2020 Olympic Athlete, Mr. Noah Nirmal Tom joined our Virtual Sports Day celebrations and addressed our super excited students on 29th Aug 2021 !!!

National Sports Day 2021

National Sports Day is celebrated on 29th of August every year. It marks the birth anniversary of Hockey Legend, Major Dhyan Chand, who is regarded as the greatest Hockey player of all times.
To mark the significance of National Sports Day, PSBN virtually organized a special assembly to inculcate the feeling of true sportsmanship among the children and to enhance their physical and social skills. Tokyo 2020 Olympic Athlete Mr Noah Nirmal Tom addressed our students on this occasion.
Mayurika Vinay of Grade XII delivered a speech in her virtual class focusing on the benefits of different sports and how the aspiring youth’s energy can be utilized in re-constructing a nation and its glory on the international front. She further highlighted that sports can develop multiple qualities like sense of togetherness, leadership skills, stamina, planning, patriotism and teamwork.
In the words of Louis Zamperini “That’s one thing you learn in sports.You don’t give up, you fight to the finish. The assembly concluded with National Anthem sung by all sports personalities.

Tiger’s day

July 29 is celebrated across the world as International Tiger Day to raise awareness about the dwindling number of striped cats, who are on the brink of extinction, and to encourage tiger conservation.
There were nine tiger reserves when Project Tiger started in 1973. Now, India has 50 tiger reserves. Seventy per cent of the world’s tigers are in India and the conservation effort has been a huge success.
So as a part of this huge success we at PSBN conducted an Assembly on the 29th of July2021, Thursday. The students of Grade 10 (C,D&E) started the assembly with the prayer and thought for the day. Vayun from 10 D presented an inspiring speech to conserve tigers by giving important pointers to follow and involve ourselves in this cause.
The assembly also saw a beautiful display of posters which students made as their token of support for Tiger conservation. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

Kargil Vijay Diwas – Special Assembly

This day is marked to remember those who sacrificed their lives defending us from 3rd May 1999 to 26th July 1999. To commemorate this, 26th of July is remembered as Kargil Vijay Diwas, a day when India successfully took command of the high outposts.
At Presidency School North, Yelahanka, celebrated this day and sacrifices of our brave soldiers by conducting a special assembly starting with our school prayer and followed by a speech by Aryaa of Grade 5. Students created displayed beautiful posters and there was also a beautiful speech in Kannada by Sai Karthik of Grade 10, who narrated the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers. A video was played to salute our brave selfless soldiers. The assembly concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Eva Joseph of Grade 10 and the National Anthem.

Poster making Activity

Posters are the easiest way to grab people’s attention on any topic as it has illustrations and eye-catching captions. Grade 5 students made very attractive poster highlighting the importance of water in our lives and how we should conserve water. The posters were colorful and with interesting texts which highlighted the importance of water in our lives.
There is nothing more enjoyable for children than transforming a plain paper into a container, flower etc. The students of Grade 4 created beautiful sea creatures out of the most ordinary papers with their magical fingers. In no time they were ready with a golden fish, an enormous pink octopus, a huge blue whale, all made out of papers!
Oceans are the lungs of our planet that provide us with oxygen for breathing and are a home to the greatest abundance of life on our planet. So it’s our duty to participate and to contribute in protecting and preserving our shared ocean. This was highlighted by the students of Grade 3 as they got together to create a better future for our planet in their own innovative creations. Their beautiful creations of the ocean emphasized on how to protect our oceans from being deteriorated.

The Online Extempore Competition – Speakathon

The Online Extempore Competition –Speakathon was conducted for the students of Grades 10 and 12 on 27th July 2021.The students had to express their views on a general topic and to deliver an impromptu speech within limited preparation time. The competition was designed to help enhancing their communication skills and confidence level. It was an Intra- School Activity, where the topics were shared ten minutes prior to the event and the students accepted the challenge thrown with grit and determination. They were given time to organize their thoughts before speaking. Each participant was given two minutes to speak extempore on a topic picked up by him or her. The students were briefed and judgement criteria shared.
The competition was conducted on MS Teams. It was overwhelming to see the participants
taking part in the event with enthusiasm. They were fluent, erudite and articulated their
thoughts well. They spoke on a variety of topics like education, knowledge, life, beauty,
happiness, entrepreneurship, leadership, culture, freedom and diversity. The participants
were judged on the basis of content, confidence, voice modulation, diction, pronunciation and overall impact.
To sum it up the competition helped in testing the speaking skills, flow of thought, confidence and way of presenting ideas which are very much needed to groom leadership qualities in the future leaders. It challenged them and pulled them out of their comfort zone, at the same time testing their presence of mind, flow of thought and speaking skills in a scenario with limited time and under pressure. The activity concluded with the students understanding that it is not just to speak under time pressure, but also to make logical sense through systematic and rational listing of ideas.
The winners were:
First- Nathan Samuel, 10D
Second – Subhasmita Parida, 10A
Third – Pranavayogesh V G, 10B

July Competitions & Winners

Presidency School, Bangalore North had 3 competitions in the month of July for the Primary Students:
Grade 3-Character Talk
Grade 4- Book Jacket
Grade 5- Twisted Tales
View their creativity and grade-wise winners below:

The activity ‘Spin – A – Yarn’

Bakrid Special Assembly

Bakrid is a famous festival of India. It is also known as Eid-Ul-Adha and is celebrated on the 10th day of the Islamic month of Dhul Hijja.
We at PSBN celebrated Bakrid with zest and zeal on 22/07/2021 in which all students from Grades 1 to 12 participated. The special assembly started with a prayer (Lab pe aati hai dua). Suhaila of Grade 12 shared the significance of Bakrid while Shaheen Sheikh of Grade 5 shared her experience of celebrating Eid at home with near and dear ones.
This was followed by students talking about the 5 pillars of Islam. Ali and Zara of Grades 7 & 4 sung a beautiful ‘Nath’ that was soulful and captivating. Students across all grades had shared short clippings of how they greeted each other and made beautiful posters for Eid which was incorporated into the video. Students also wished their friends in different Indian languages. It was an engaging and enthralling assembly that had given a clear message about the importance of Eid-Ul-Zuha. The special assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

The activity ‘Spin – A – Yarn’

Population Day

“Population growth is the primary source of environmental damage”. World Population Day, an annual event, focuses on the importance and urgency of population control to save “Mother Earth”.
Increase in population means an increased demand for food, water, housing, energy, healthcare, transportation etc. This consumption contributes to ecological degradation, increased conflicts and a higher risk of large-scale disasters like pandemics.
The special assembly on “World Population Day” was conducted by the English Department and was celebrated by students of Grades 3-12.
Informative and colorful theme based posters along with interesting videos highlighting the various facts related to the importance of the day were showcased. A wonderful skit by the students made the occasion extremely graceful. The assembly came to an end with the pledge to save Mother Earth from the burden of overpopulation followed by National Anthem.

The activity ‘Spin – A – Yarn’

The activity ‘Spin – A – Yarn’ was conducted for the students of Grades 10 and 12 on 13th July 2021. It was an Intra-Class Activity, where the introductory sentence was given to the participants and they had to weave a story in continuation to the given sentence. They kept adding their interesting thoughts to make an innovative tale. Each story they wove, had some moral value attached and a suitable title.
The competition was conducted on MS Teams. It was overwhelming to see the participants adapt to the online method and give it an avant garde touch to the age-old activity. They created sway presentations imbibing story line and style formats available. This was an engaging activity where the students had to weave an entire story with the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and climax followed by the resolution. Students were encouraged to be creative and use their senses and emotions in order to create a strong visual in the reader’s mind. They were asked to incorporate a unique plot, evident theme and an imaginative language to make their stories out of the box.
To sum it up, the learners were involved in a fruitful session which challenged them to go back to their initial years when they learnt writing stories, be original, self-expressive and make leaps in subject and time taking the readers to unknown terrains. The activity concluded with the students sharing their sway link with the teachers.

Citizens Forum Activity

Students of Grades 7 and 8 of Presidency School, Bangalore North participated in Citizens Forum – a fun filled activity to nurture our young minds, think critically, raise awareness to local issues and provide innovative solutions to the problems that citizens face.
The group activity was held on 13th July 2021, virtually on MS Teams. It was an amazing sight to see students communicate effectively to convey their thoughts and ideas on the given topic, especially because many kids are desperately missing group interaction with their classmates due to remote learning.
Students took part in this activity with a lot of enthusiasm engaging themselves in a meaningful dialogue, discussing key traits that active citizens possess. On the whole, it was a great opportunity for our students to communicate with their counterparts and in the process enhance their speaking skills, vocabulary and problem-solving skills- so critical for success in today’s world.

World Population Day

A day dedicated to make students aware of the importance of global population issues. Students learnt what the word population means and how many people there are in the world, in India, in Karnataka & in their own city – Bengaluru.
There was a “Did you know” session which students were eager to talk about. After the informative session, students were given a mini task to complete a drawing or writing about how everyone can do their part to help maintain our Mother Earth.

Virtual Investiture Ceremony

“Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life”.
Presidency School Bangalore North observed the Investiture Ceremony virtually, for the Academic Year 2021-22 on 10th July. It was marked with enthusiasm, great expectations, high promises and determination to achieve greater heights by following the three core principles of Leadership-Influence, Inspire and Impact.
The solemn ceremony began by invoking the blessings of the Almighty. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the Principal – Mr. Ramesh Mudgal. A beautiful collage of red, yellow, blue and green, the school flag was unfurled by the Principal along with the Vice Principal – Ms. Anu Gopapakrishnan and other team members. The elected Leaders’ profiles were displayed on the screen and their motto was read aloud by the two promising compeers Siddhi and Ambika. The student body was conferred with sashes by the Honourable Principal. The Head boy Rohith Nair and Head girl Namrata Chawla took the oath of office and promised to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as the school Head boy and Head girl with full diligence and sincerity. The students’ council took the pledge to lead the school by example keeping in mind the vision and mission of their alma mater.
The Principal welcomed the newly elected members and shared some of his ventures for the academic year. His words were truly inspiring for the students to strive harder for the betterment of the school. Parents of the Head Girl, Cultural Secretary and the Sports Captain congratulated everyone and shared their jubilance. To sound a note of gratitude towards all those who worked hard to make this occasion possible and ensure its success, the Sports Coordinator Ms. Tejaswini proposed the vote of thanks. The ceremony culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem.

Father’s day

A father is any child’s ‘Superhero’ who is always ready to take on everyday challenges for his children. To honor the all fathers and fatherly figures and to celebrate the paternal bonding, a special day is observed every year as Father’s Day.
Father’s Day at Presidency School, Bangalore North was celebrated for Grades 3-12 with an interesting Virtual ‘Skit’ to show to our students why a Father does what he does – making you wake up early, forcing you to exercise, inculcating discipline and so on !!
Watch the skit by PSBN students of Grade 5 – Dhruv Prasad, Nilaani D, Arya Tejaswi & Tharunika Sivaguru, below:

Doctor’s day

“God cannot be everywhere, so he sent the doctors with excellence and selflessness.” Amidst the Corona outbreak, one can witness their round-the clock dedication towards patients at different hospitals across the country. The day is celebrated in the memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, one of the most renowned physicians in India and the former Chief Minister of West Bengal, who was born on July 1st 1882 and died in 1962 on the same date at the age of 80.
The sacrifice that they are making for the safety and welfare of humanity is priceless and deserves lifelong gratitude from our end. So as a part of this gratitude we at PSBN conducted an Assembly on the 1st of July 2021, Thursday. The students of Grade 3 started the assembly with the prayer and thought for the day. Grade 4 students presented an inspiring speech to thank doctors for their selfless service. A touching skit by grade 5 students was a mark of respect for these selfless warriors in the present COVID scenario.
The assembly also saw a beautiful display of greeting cards which students made as their token of appreciation for Doctors. The assembly was concluded with the National Anthem.

Clay Modelling, Making Cloth Bag & Design your own Planet Activity

The month of June has a lot of activities for the Primary students. A few were – Clay Modelling, Making Cloth Bag & Design your own Planet.
Ask a child and they will tell you that clay modelling is a lot of fun! We got a overwhelming response for clay modelling activity from students of Grade 3. This activity helped students learn more about the outer space and at the same time it gave wings to their imagination and creativity.
Students of Grade 4, used their imagination and creativity to make innovative bags. They used old T-shirts, clothes, clothes pieces (peanut shells, beads -used for decoration) – things which were lying unused utilized by the budding creative minds to turn it into something as beautiful and useful as a shopping bag.
Grade 5 students put in their scientific knowledge and creative minds together to come up with some amazing ideas about the kind of planets they would like to create. They worked on improved environmental conditions, vegetation, landforms, climate of the planet to save it from the various calamities faced by our Earth. Grade 5 students actively participated in this event and came out with interesting designs and hypothetical facts on the planets they had designed.

Doctor’s Day Special Assembly

A day dedicated in honoring the internationally renowned medical practitioner Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was discussed during our special assembly for the students of Grade 1 and 2 at Presidency School, Bangalore North. Students listened attentively as the teachers explained who this great man was and why a day was dedicated to him and for all the medical staff around the world.

An activity was conducted for students to try and name various types of medical staff by identifying the pictures. Students drew pictures of doctors and shared with the class. The students learnt to appreciate medical professionals and their service to humanity. They also observed a moment of silence for the lives lost during COVID.

Newtonium Competition

As educators it’s very important to inculcate the competitive spirit in our students. Competitions encourage students to adopt innovative techniques and develop their ideas and skills. Students of Grades 3 to 5 of Presidency School Bangalore North got an opportunity to put their thinking cap on and create beautiful and useful things out of waste material at the competition NEWTONIUM -Old Ideas Recreated held on 24-6-21.

This event brought out the hidden talents in our students where they effectively used various materials like old clothes, plastic bottles, broken ceramics, pebbles and papers to make amazing products which can be used effectively in our day to day life. It was an amazing sight to see students realise the value of recycling and reusing. It helped our students to construct their thoughts and ideas into a usable material.nts will remember this day for a very long time and continue this special bonding at home with the entire family.

Doughnut with Dad Activity

To make students realize and appreciate their fathers, grandfathers and other father figures in their life, Presidency School, Bangalore North hosted a fun way to to bond with them over doughnuts.

Children were very enthusiastic to spend time with their Dads and introduce them to their friends. It was wonderful to see all their participation our brain teasers, drawing activity and treasure hunt and of course, enjoying the delicious treats at the end with their child. We are sure the students will remember this day for a very long time and continue this special bonding at home with the entire family.

International Yoga Day

Yoga Day is celebrated across the globe to highlight the importance of Yoga and how it has been beneficial in keeping the body and mind in sound health.

International Yoga Day in Presidency School, Bangalore North was celebrated on June 21, 2021. The students were filled with a lot of enthusiasm and confidence in celebrating the day. The amount of conviction and enthusiasm along with the positive attitude were cherished by everyone, as this was clearly visible in the pictures and the recordings which were played through the prerecorded video.

The Yoga day programme started with the chanting of the mantras with a brief introduction about yoga and why yoga holds such a significance in one’s life. This was followed by the practice of yoga techniques like suryanamskar, yogasana, pranayama then with the closing mantra chanting rendered by our beloved students and our teachers. As the session concluded, we could feel an astounding positive energy. The assembly came to an end with the National Anthem.

Environment Day Celebration

To make students aware of the environmental concerns and empower them to help preserve our environment, Presidency School, Bangalore North had a virtual World Environment Day celebration – A day dedicated to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment and known to over 143 countries.

The Class Teachers conducted a sorting activity with the help of the students, called “How I can help the Earth and how the Earth helps me”. Students learnt the Earth Day Song and drew what they would love to grow if they had a garden of their own !!!

Herbarium activity

Children need consistent contact with nature and ample time to explore and become familiar with the plants around them. In times where our interaction with the natural environment is minimal , it is important for students to engage with nature.

Presidency School, Bangalore North conducted an activity – Herbarium, for the students of Grade 6&7 on 15th June 2021 where the students created a Herbarium of their own. The activity helped the students know more about botany and the plants used in Herbalism and by creating their own herbarium, the students gained further interest to understand and grow their own set of plants at home.

Kindergarten- Graduation Day

There is something special about the Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony – innocence retrained, journeys begun and dreams waiting to be achieved. All this was experienced at Presidency School, Bangalore North as the children’s faces were glowing smiles which continued throughout the entire course of the event although it was virtual.

Through dance and poems children displayed their talent which were honed by their dear teachers throughout the year. The Graduation Ceremony was a great success and compliments from the parents kept pouring in !

Republic Day Celebration 2021

Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Heart, Memories in our Souls. Let’s Salute the Nation on REPUBLIC DAY.

Republic Day is celebrated across India with a lot of fervor. At Presidency School Bangalore North we celebrated this unique 72nd Republic Day virtually with the students. However, the Principal and few teachers hoisted the flag at the school premises. The students watched the celebrations online which included various cultural activities such as March Past, Flag Hoisting, Patriotic Song, Speech by our beloved Principal madam, speeches by the students on the significance of our constitution, video on the importance and making of the constitution, information on the less known facts about Republic Day, Special Awards given away by the President of India, Fancy Dress and the Collage on the theme “India of my Imagination”..

Book Cover Competition


Students of grades 3 to 5 at Presidency School Bangalore, North got the opportunity to bring their favorite characters to life on paper during the Book Cover Competition- Picasso. There was an overwhelming response from the students and their beautiful creations impressed the judges. It was a great opportunity for young artists to compete with their peers and express their creativity, style and personality.

Assembly:Peer Pressure


An Assembly was conducted at Presidency School, Bangalore North, on the topic – Peer Pressure, one of the threatening behavior among the children in the society. The assembly portrayed both the sides of the coin, the negative and the positive peer pressure. The children presented the theme that showed how the kids get into peer pressure for various reasons like fashion choices, academic performances, choice of friends etc through posters and presentations. The message conveyed was not to get influenced and say ‘no’ to negative peer pressure as it is rightly said- ‘To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.’



Presidency School, Bangalore North held a Virtual Assembly on Honesty on 16th July 2020 for the students of Grades 3- 5. The essence of honesty was explained through stories, videos and posters. Children shared their stories about a mistake they committed but never revealed it to anybody. The learning outcome was to understand that it is easier to share the truth instead trying to hide or being dishonest.

Virtual Investiture Ceremony 2019-20

‘Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.’ – Warren Bennis

 This significant day, 27 June 2020,dawned to congratulate the young leaders and bestow responsibilities on them to lead Presidency School Bangalore North , with their commitment, confidence and competence. The school held the Virtual Ceremony with great enthusiasm and left no stone unturned to make the day as memorable as possible for the young leaders and their families.

The Ceremony began with the auspicious lighting of the lamp followed by prayer and welcome song. The Head boy ,Aditya Jayesh Menon and Head girl, Saanchi Bolamma, formally welcomed the guests of honour. The Principal and the Team, hoisted the school flag after which Virtual sashes were presented to the School Cabinet Body

Director PGI, Ms. Nafeesa Ahmed administered the oath to the Head Girl and Head Boy and the newly elected members of the cabinet. She congratulated the newly appointed school Cabinet Members for their preparedness to take up the responsibilities in all their earnestness and wished them strength to deliver their potential and remaining safe at the same time.

The student council members are as follows :

Head Boy – Aditya Jayesh Menon, 10E

Associate Head Boy – Rohith K Nair, 9E

Head Girl – Saanchi Bolamma ,10D

Associate Head Girl – Shaina Bothra, 9B

Sports Captain – Boy – Milinda Vijay Thambanda, 10E

Sports Captain – Girl – Nikanshi Chaurasia, 10B

Cultural Secretary – Boy -M Rishendra Chowdary, 10B

Cultural Secretary – Girl – Hrithika S, 9A

Discipline Prefect – Boy – Karan Nair, 10A and Advika Rajesh, 9A

Discipline Prefect – Girl – Advika Rajesh, 9A

Cabinet Secretary – Boy – Vikhyat MB, 12A

Cabinet Secretary – Girl – Disha Bharath, 10E

House Captains and Vice Captains

CurieYelluru Utkarsh Reddy, 10EKenneth John, 9E
Da VinciAdit Mutnalkar,10E,Rishab Nambisan, 9D
PeleDhyan. P. Aithal,10C Joshua George Roy,9B
TagoreOm Bhandary, 10DRounak Kiran, 9E

The Principal, Ms Asha Micah also appreciated and congratulated them for their new accomplishment. She advised them to be role models by extending a supporting hand to the Students’ Council for the smooth functioning of the school. Her words also threw light on the importance of being kind and showing gratitude. The ceremony ended on a happy note with a Big Thank You! from team PSBN.

The function concluded with the National Anthem.

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