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A journey to inner peace and contentment 4-10-16

Blessings Galore !

We are the temple of the living God’.To serve the needy is the best way to earn a blessing.PSBN did exactly that.Students were taken to visit ‘Mother Theresa’s Home for the Sick and Dying Destitute’ on the 4th of October’16- a serene and well maintained campus off Yelahanka.The students had carried gifts for the inmates of the home apart from the donations collected.

Beautiful smiles and curiously twinkling eyes embraced us .This will surely be a warmly cherished welcome. It was a journey into introspection.If happiness was the measure of wealth, our students gathered aplenty. 96 ladies have been given shelter in this home so far.The lonely look still persists.They were all so happy to meet the children.Perhaps they all were children again for a day. They danced and sang with our students.The stoical silence burst into a kind of festivity…a celebration of togetherness and of care as they interacted and shared stories.

A brooding calm took over on our way back.The children were composed.It wasn’t silence. A deep understanding of life had just intruded into the young world— a new perspective and a sombre attitude had changed their knowledge of life.They had quietly learnt to value what they had—life, money and youth.Some of them shared their insight- they felt their time could not have been better spent. They felt sad at the plight of some of the elderly but said they were fortunate enough to have got a chance to visit them.

Gratitude had made them more thoughtful.

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