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Saluting Contributions from all walks of life…. The- Republic Fervour at PSBN

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Presidency School, Bangalore North celebrated the 68th Republic Day in all festivity and fervour. Saluting the efforts and trysts of all those who were instrumental in declaring India a Sovereign, Secular, socialist Democratic Republic, we had special guests to make this day extra special.
After a life time of working, raising families and contributing to the success of this Nation in countless ways, Team PSBN welcomed senior citizens from all walks of life who had made an indelible contribution to the society in some way or the other. The audience gave a standing ovation as these special guests were ushered in and presented the guard of honour.
The Chief Guest for the day was Mr R C GANGULI who was named youngest CA at 19 years in the Guinness Book of World Records.
The other dignitaries included T K GUPT: Retd. G M of BHEL. Visiting faculty in management institutions in Delhi, G D KHERA: Retd. Scientist in BARC, S. KUMAR : Retd. Chief Marine Engineer, Prof M A SHARAN: Retd . Head Dept. Of Physics. Jai Prakash University Chapra , Mr.B K SINHA: Retd. Electrical Suptd. Engineer Bihar Electric Board Patna , Mr V MURLIDHARAN: Retd. Research Officer in Railways research organization, M P SINGH: Retd. Branch Head, Calcutta in Air-conditioning & Refrigeration spare parts and Mr Anand Bhushan retired GM com Chief Engineer Transmission Jharkand State electricity Board
The flag was hoisted by the dignitaries and the Principal Ms. Pushpy Dutt while the National Anthem was sung. The Marching contingents comprising of students from grades 4 to 11 presented the Grand Salute to the dignitaries on the dais, as they marched with pride and élan.
The choir rendered Vanadana ke swar as a note of welcome to all assembled . Skits, mime acts , fancy dress showcasing the personalities who framed the Constitution etc added to the very essence of the Day. The grand Finale presented by the choir that had a blend of all regional songs, added to the rustic flavor of our Country and was applauded with resounding claps from the audience.
The Principal, Ms. Pushpy Dutt in her address highlighted the details of the First Republic Day of India speech by Dr. Rajendra Prasad :
“We must re-dedicate ourselves on this day to the peaceful but sure realization of the dream that had inspired the Father of our Nation and the other captains and soldiers of our freedom struggle, the dream of establishing a classless, co-operative, free and happy society in ‘his country’. We must remember that this is more a day of dedications than of rejoicing – dedication to the glorious task of making the peasants and workers the toilers and the thinkers fully free, happy and cultured.”

How true these words hold even after 68 years from the day they were said.
The Chief Guest Mr. R. C Ganguly in his address spoke of the importance of Aim, perseverance , Determination and Trust in God to achieve the impossible.
It was truly a day to remember as the skies absorbed the colours of the Tricolour giving all a feel that nothing is impossible to achieve and that each one of us has the power to make our Nation a super Power !