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‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestor, we borrow it from our children’.

It was a wonderful sight to see the entire Kindergarten children interact with students from grade 4. Students gathered in the respective classes for such a great purpose. The Read with Me event is a great way to create avid readers and to create interest to pick up and read a book every day. This benefits both the younger generation and the older ones as it allows the older students the opportunity to develop fluency and feel a sense of pride by reading to the younger students. In return it helps the younger students develop a love for reading and gives them great motivation to read on their own. After the reading session students had the opportunity to create a bookmark using various materials given to them. The older children were taught how to make a creative hut using an old notebook which they were very excited to show the finished product. We hope to create enthusiastic readers and provide success in literacy. Thanks to all the teachers and students for showing your enthusiasm towards this event and to the librarians for providing us with the materials to read.