Presidency School

Fire Safety Drill

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Presidency School, Bangalore North ran its Fire Drill today in the campus.

The set up created was that of a fire in the Lab and the evacuation drill followed thereafter. During special assemblies and class talks, students have always been briefed about safety and dealing with emergency situations, without panicking.

With the fire alarm ringing out, we had the teachers and the volunteers all stationed on the floors, as instructed during meetings to deal with emergency situations.

Students , some who were excited, some a little apprehensive, were quickly sent out to the main field , in an orderly manner, but this time they moved faster,  to be safe.

Mr. Jayaram Singh Fire Safety Officer, Mr. Ramaapa- Asistant Fire Safety Officer, Mr. Venakatswamy, Leading fireman, Mr. Basavaraju- Fireman driver and Mr. Manjunath H- Constable showed their skills at handling fire of all kinds.

The false fore, screeching fire engine, the galoshes they had on, the foam and the water spray added sheer thrill to all assembled.

Students of grades 1 to 10 were evacuated from all the floors in a little less than 5.30 minutes, without any casualties during the evacuation.

All the students applauded the brave hearts and shouted out a big THANKYOU to the officers!
It was indeed a day to remember.