Presidency School

Middle School

Once children are given a taste of knowledge, their curiosity and yearning knows no bounds. They seek answers to all their questions. They sample different subjects to understand what they like the most. They experiment with different activities to discover where their interest lies. And they devour every source of information to pacify their hunger for learning. This is the stage when it’s most important to develop a foundational knowledge that will help them scale the heights of success at the High School level.

The Middle School (Grade VI-VIII) at Presidency School North is abuzz with activity. Well-qualified and experienced mentors help instil a love for subjects, and encourage them to have an investigative mind to explore the many knowledge banks that open up. Regular assessments and assignments help optimize the learning experience. And parents are kept informed to help guide the children towards positive learning.

Full-fledged fitness and sports programs, as well as an array of fine arts activities, including music, dance, dramatics, art, etc. help develop a well-rounded personality in children. At this level, the focus is mainly on the social, personal and intellectual growth of the child.

A firm and focused middle school environment that fosters all-round development

  • Focus on academic rigour that lays a foundation for high school
  • Holistic development through intense sports, fitness and talent development
  • Imparting core life skills and social responsibilities through team building, leadership and community service activities
  • Intense parent-teacher partnership to help overcome pre-teenage challenges
  • Guided transition, from being taught, to learning on their own through self discipline